Down under torn asunder: Continued contention over FWC officials anime figures.

This seems to be going a bit overboard.

You may recall a previous article we made covering an Australian Fair Work Commission employee being attacked over figures he had on his office desk. Well unfortunately it seems that story has continued to develop and is now attracting wandering eyes on Twitter. In a video recently uploaded to Twitter, an FWC member is shown to have a very heated argument with one of her colleagues over the incident and made some rather big claims.

It seems like no one knows anything about this, and just doesn’t want to be there.

Imagine waking up in the morning to go to work and being told you’re next committee hearing will be about anime girl figurines and all you know about anime is that they are Japanese cartoons. That’s the vibe many get from this video since everyone appears confused and disinterested in the topic. The one senator goes on what could be described as a conspiratorial rant over the figures and also an unnecessary commentary on the professionalism of the accused, and the other senator just wanted to know what the figurines even were as he had no personal knowledge.

The only known description of the figurines in question comes from Senator O’Neele, the woman in the video, who said “My recollection is one was a female figure and the other I’m not sure was even human.” Mr. Boyce, the accused in all of this, removed the figures from his office after the backlash he received from colleagues and has apologized for the upset he caused.

Contention during the meeting.

It doesn’t seem like this is going to end soon, but it’ll be interesting to see how this all will end. All of this chaos caused by one weeb. Anime truly will be the downfall of Australia. But jokes aside, we’ll keep you updated on new developments in this story, and Australia’s ongoing war against weebs and weebkind.