The Potential First Blow: Projekt Melody Suspended from Twitch

It’s a sad day for us all. Projekt Melody, the virtual entertainer and camgirl that’s made a shocking (and mildly controversial) leap in popularity, has been suspended on Twitch. Do note, though, that this is just a suspension, not a ban. What may not be so surprising upfront does come as quite a bit of a shock when it’s noted that this suspension comes just one day after partnering with the streaming platform. As to how this suspension came to be, Melody says that she apparently got a bit too “spicy” on her last stream, but no official reason has been given.

I don’t really think that this comes as a surprise to anyone. Given her being what she is, it seems only inevitable. However, there seems to be an underlying idea that there’s more here than meets the eye. As I said before, Melody’s rise to stardom was not one taken lightly. Many camgirls (and their entourage of uncomfortably loyal fans) were none too pleased about being outdone by a 3D anime waifu model. It’s a safe bet to say that there are a good few people who would like to have seen her gone, so it’s quite possible that they played a role in Melody’s suspension. Hell, a few even suspect that Twitch themselves got personally involved as to protect their IRL female streamers (*cough* Twitch thots *cough*) and the immense cash flow they rake in. But I, myself, am not gonna point any fingers, but instead chalk it up to a bit too much spice, as Melody says.

Whatever the reason may be, though, this could be the first blow in a fight against the surfacing virtual models. All that I can say is be careful and be prepared. Because, ladies and gentlemen, if this takes a turn for the worse, we’re going to war.