Patreon Allegedly cracking down on Japanese styled characters

Patreon has a very, lucrative set of Terms of Service that can get you banned for very petty or ridiculous reasons, from “Doxxing” to “Harassment” But none of this seemingly happened, or it was taken out of context. Now, it seems that Patreon is trying to crack down on Japanese drawings, or anime, in the worst way possible by warning a creator on Patreon about said works, in a summarized email from a user on Patreon.

It’s said that all Japanese “Styles” which must or mainly will include anime in that discussion, which is solely Japanese, even if you’re an American drawing in an anime like style, your content could also be at risk. Seemingly they’re claiming anime characters, even characters who are obviously adults, will be characterized as “Minors” and it being considered child endangerment. Which sounds as ridiculous as it is, this could mean if you do anime based commissions on Patreon, this could affect how you promote your content and your pay.

The underlying issue with this, is that none of this has been confirmed, there are many holes within this issue that are glaring to say the least, the Artists seemingly named Waero is the only one to have gotten the email. Also, an issue such as removed Japanese based content on Patreon seems like a large leap in their part, why would they send this to just one person on Patreon? This seems moreso to fit the TOS they have and not a random email. The last email from Patreon that was a Streamathon on the 18th of February. If something as major as all Japanese based content was not being allowed on Patreon. This would have been a much more important issue that would be mass emailed to all members and even announced on the official Twitter account.

None of this had been denied nor confirmed by Patreon themselves, but even that is more of an issue. We can only expect an update from Patreon or the artist coming out and giving more information on what patron allegedly sent them. But if so and if Patreon is trying to crack down on Japanese based content, anime could be in trouble on their site.