Confirmed: E3 Event has been cancelled after confirmation from official Twitter.

Well that’s unfortunate.

That’s right folks, it’s starting to come in from devs that the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, has been cancelled. It was already a possible outcome given the level of the Coronavirus pandemic but now some developers are confirming it themselves. The first and saddest being from Devolver Digital:

The situation was dire already given the recent announcement from Geoff Keighley over who would be absent this years E3 show. We had hoped that this wouldn’t be the case after the cancelling of GDC, but unfortunately things have only worsened. It’s a safe bet that this news is true given it comes from a well-known studio like Devolver, and though they’ve made jokes in the past it seems very unlikely they would about this.

For right now this is all we have, but keep your eyes on social media for more updates from studios and other outlets. As of right now it looks like E3 2020 is cancelled.

UPDATE: The official E3 Twitter page has now confirmed the event has been cancelled. There is rumored possibility it may be moved to later in the year for a new venue but officially, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has cancelled their 2020 show.