Reggie Fils-Aimé to join Gamestop’s board of directors. Can he help turn Gamestop around?

This doesn’t sound fun Reggie.

That’s right, everyones favorite Nintendo uncle has just announced on Twitter today that he is joining Gamestop’s board of directors starting April 20th, 2020. Along with Reggie, two others will be joining him on Gamestop’s BOD in the coming months. William Simon, a former campaigner for California Governor, and James “J.K.” Symancyk, CEO of PetSmart, will be joining Reggie as independents on Gamestops BOD.

The link in his Tweet will take you to Gamestop’s announcement.

This announcement came to a lot of peoples surprise today. Reggie recently stepped down as CEO of Nintendo of America in mid February last year, and now it seems he is slowly rolling back into the games industry albeit in a much different fashion. Though this was an unusual announcement it does make sense why Gamestop would want to bring on Fils-Aimé. His tenure as CEO of NoA saw his name attached to a great number of success’ for the company and an incredibly loyal following from Nintendo fans. His insight into Gamestops less than stellar situation could be invaluable.

Gamestop stocks for the past 5 years.

Whether on not the bringing in of new blood can help keep Gamestop afloat is yet to be seen, but Reggie seems like a good addition to their board. Gamestop has tried many different ways to bring in customers that haven’t been the booster shot they’ve thought. Even recently they announced they would stop selling comic books in their stores. It’s up in the air, but I wish Reggie all the best in his new position and hopefully he can help to bring Gamestop back from the brink.