George Soros buys $45m worth of shares in Activision-Blizzard, should we be concerned?

Super villains must love Overwatch.

Yes that’s right, the real life version of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget has just bought a decent chunk of Activision-Blizzard stocks and now many gamers online are concerned what this means? The billionaire known for his investment in left-leaning political parties and companies, and his alleged involvements in illegal activist activities has turned his eyes to video games. Is Soros planning on doing something sinister to Activision-Blizzard with his investment? Gonna be honest here, I’m saying no.

The man in question.

While I am personally not a fan of Soros, and will make jokes at his expense relentlessly, I don’t believe this is some sinister plan that will result in his taking over and gutting of Activision-Blizzard as some folks on Reddit and Twitter seem to believe. You see, we should take a look at the actual investment amount that Soros put into the company and what it translates to. $45m is a lot of money, at least for me anyway, and isn’t something to turn your nose at but it’s by no means big in terms of Activision money. The $45m amounts to about 758,000 shares of the company, which is less than 1%. Now I’m not the best with math but I feel safe saying less than 1% isn’t a majority stake.

But while this isn’t a big portion of the company, it’s worth noting why Soros would invest in the company. Well, money. Money is the answer here of course. Despite the recent setbacks of Blizzard with its alleged censorship of players for supporting Hong Kong, and of course the fiasco involving Diablo Immortal in late 2018, Blizzard combined with Activision is the largest company in gaming or at least top three. If you were a billionaire looking for a guaranteed return profit then Activision-Blizzard would be a good choice to get it. Just take a look at their most recent quarterly report if you need further confirmation.

Again I’m no fan of Soros, but I feel it’s a safer bet that this is just a financial stake for him than a political one. Also to be honest are we really shocked that the companies almost universally considered evil by fans has a super villain investor? Jokes aside though there’s no telling at this point if there’s anything that can come from Soros’ investment, but if something does we’ll be sure to keep you updated.