Re:Zero 2nd season delayed due to Coronavirus. More anime expected as well.

It’d be funny if Cells at Work! got delayed by Coronavirus.

The Coronavirus has yet again made its presence known within the anime industry. It was announced on the official website for Re:Zero that the 2nd season of the anime will be postponed until July this year. The news of course has upset fans online given how long it’s been since the last season released. This is the latest anime to face disruption due to Coronavirus, following A Certain Scientific Railgun delaying its 7th episode, The Misfit of Demon King Academy having its release delayed until July, and Doraemon and Shimajirō delaying the release of their respective movies.

The virus has brought much of Japan’s anime industry to heel as it spreads through the country. Some studios are delaying their projects as a way to avoid increased infection rates in kids, one example being the official site for the new Doraemon movie. Others are merely trying to maintain healthy work spaces so they won’t have to shut their studios down outright. Re:Zero will not be the last anime affected by the spread however. We’ll keep an eye out for any more notable delays or cancellations and keep you updated on new developments as they come out. Be sure to stay healthy too.