Sentai Filmworks changes Love Ru dub to fit in “misogyny” jab.

Love Ru is a recently licensed anime that has been dubbed by Sentai Filmworks to be dubbed in English. Sadly, it did not take long for them to tamper with the original scrip to fit some narrative by changing the script to add a line referring to Misogyny in their dub.

In Episode four of Love Ru, Lala reveals she’s a bad cook, and Rito declares that he will not marry someone who’s a poor cook, seemingly trying to escape his responsibilities. Rather keep the simplistic joke that was originally within the Japanese script, they decided to go another route entirely.

Rito: I won’t marry someone who’s bad at cooking!

Mikan Yuki: Thats so old fashioned!

This is the original Japanese script, but it was obviously and ridiculously changed to:

Rito: I won’t marry someone who’s bad at cooking!

Mikay Yuki: Thats Misogynistic!

For some reason changing the obviously hinting joke which defeats the purpose of the joke most likely won’t sit well, this isn’t the first time this has happened in an anime Dub. Funimation, another anime dubbing company has rewritten specific scenes in licensed anime to fit some political narrative, (we all remember the Lucoa incident) for no real reason other than to feel good about themselves. This type of reworking never goes over well, but they seemingly will never stop.

Link to the Clip here