FWC Deputy Gerard Boyce forced to remove “Inappropriate” Anime Figures And More

Australian Fair Work Commission Deputy Gerard Boyce is under fire for a multitude of actions that have garnered some trouble for him in the past few days. The FWCs General Manager Bernadette O’Neill, revealed that Mr Boyce’s Office had quote on Quote “Inappropriate and Scantily Clad” figures and artwork in his office. There has not been any released photos of Said Figures, and therefore we cannot see what they look like specifically. But it had been stated that one had a “Big Bust”.

“My recollection is one was a female figure and the other I am not sure was even human,”

A Quote from Ms O’Neill

Boyce claims that he creates the figures himself, as a hobby. Which is not completely insane since most constructive hobbies include crafting. There is no exact estimation but it was stated that he could have had 10-20 Figurines in his office. After complaints from staff, Boyce was forced to remove said content, but this sparked a debate between with Labor Senator Deborah O’Neill clashing with Liberal Senator James McGrath.

“I am here to stand up for women in the workplace who should not be exposed to this kind of gross intimidation”

Said by Senator O’Niell

“I don’t think we can draw from someone’s preferences for different types of artwork as to their professionalism,”

Replied Senator McGrath

Now many would ask, if the figures were simply in his office, how could they be so offensive since you don’t have to go in his office, and you won’t have to see them. This doesn’t seem like a case of objectifying women but more so someone just having a hobby you dislike, and that would be a very strong argument, but the story is much more, confusing.

Boyce has also allegedly installed a security camera as well, without informing anyone else of his doings. Of course Boyce claimed that the Camera did not work, and after that was removed, replaced said camera with a cutout of Donald Trump. This is much more of an invasion of privacy, but wether the camera worked or not, still gives the impression of an invasion of a persons private information.

Will Boyce be the first Senator to get cancelled for having big titty anime figurines in his office? This will be one for the record books.