New rumors predict a PS5 reveal in the coming weeks.

Disclaimer: It will not be spherical.

Woohoo more console reveal rumors! The age old gaming Easter egg hunt we have twice a decade. Sifting through every event, announcement, article and tweet from companies or devs to find even the slightest nugget of info. Let’s go!

Steve Gibson, President of Gearbox Publishing, went on stage at “The Gearbox Show” recently and talked about one of their upcoming titles Godfall. Godfall is the first PS5 title to be announced for the platform, happening recently during the 2019 Game Awards. Gibson said during his time on stage that they were excited to show more about the game very soon.

Now obviously this bit of news by itself wouldn’t be much if it came from another publisher, but specifically because Godfall is the first PS5 exclusive that gives this statement more weight. The timing of this also syncs up with another rumor coming from Kojima Productions. A recent tweet from the studio showed one of their devs with a sticky note saying “Next week” posted on their Twitter account. What the announcement will be is anyone’s guess.

Zoom in on the sticky note on the desk.

Now of course this is all just speculation, but given the fact that Godfall is slated for holiday of this year and Sony has yet to show their new console this seems like a decent time to formally show the console off. Consoles are usually shown earlier in the year as to build up hype before the holiday season when they will sell the best. The window is still open, but I’d wager we’ll be seeing something soon.