Twitter bullies pressure Flame Toys to remove images of upcoming Transformer model.

Yeah I know, this isn’t “news” if it happens regularly.

Another day, another insecure bully on Twitter trying to cancel someone or something. The same crowd who will say something stupid followed by “Wow, the chuds are out in full force” or “Seems like I struck the manbabies nerves” have yet again put themselves in some peoples feeds by harassing Flame Toys, a Japanese model/figurine developer, to remove images from their Twitter of their Transformers model of the character Windblade.

The model was attacked by a group of “fans” (big quotes) who called the design of the model sexist and objectifying. Yeah, they were mad that a robot looked a little sexy. Oh no the world is ending because a toy model has a butt what will we do?

The model in question.

To be completely honest I don’t like the model at all honestly, it’s just aesthetically displeasing to me. I’m not going to go out of my way to harass a company Twitter over it though. Can’t say the same for others on Twitter, they seem to think it’s a worthwhile use of their time and that they are “Standing up to sexism” and “Fighting back against objectification.” People, it’s just a goofy toy statue of a talking robot. This goofy statue is not going to lead to the downfall of all women in the world, it’s just going to collect dust on some weebs shelf.

But I’ll post some of the very well thought out and rational responses from people on Twitter:

DISCLAIMER: Obviously, don’t harass anyone.

Some of you may recognize this person in particular. Guess right and win some clout!

This reaction is what caused Flame Toys to remove the Windblade photos from their Twitter. Funny too given that these same people will label men with “fragile masculinity” when they get this up in arms about a toy model having a dislocated pair of butt cheeks. But that’s another debate for another time. If you want to support Flame Toys or see more of their new Transformers line of models, you can follow them @flametoys_staff on Twitter or check out their website And be sure to follow EscapeZero for more articles and news.

Oh and by the way, the model will still be at Toy Fair 2020.