Is The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is Game of the Decade?

November 11th 2020 will Mark the 10th Anniversary of the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, A Decade has passed since its release, which as been regarded as one of the greatest RPG games to ever exist, it’s vast world, selling over thirty million copies worldwide. Game having still great graphics for a decade old, and still blossoming with a Modding community to keep it fresh and alive. Skyrim turned me into an RPG lover and so far no game have I put so many hours into, not even Fallout 4 could catch my eye the way Skyrim did.

Tamriel is a Big Place

I think it’s an understatement to say Skyrim is a “big” game. It’s blooming with life, creatures, bosses and a lot of neat secrets and Easter eggs. Spanning multiple holds, Skyrim really feels alive as you meet NPCs, go on quests, each dungeon, bandit hideout, all feel somewhat unique in their own way. And this notion is massively expanded with Mods. But we will discuss them later, back to the size of Skyrim. It never really feels tedious to walk to quest locations or walk from place to place, with this game being filled with random encounters that you can just get thrusted into. From a random Thief robbing you, from an Assassin from the Dark Brotherhood coming to slay the Dragonborn, to a Random Dragon Battle. It never feels required to fast travel.

Essentially, Bethesda encourages you to talk about, Discover new things, new items, probably fight a dragon to the death. Sometimes you’ll run into the same Random encounter, I’ve had this happen a few times, but what can you really expect from a game 10 years old? That’s where the Bethesda community comes in.

The Elder Mods 5

The Modding Community in Skyrim have created some of the best memories for me. With almost countless mods from large spell mods, new weapons, armor and clothing design overhauls, redesigning the textures and graphics of NPCs, Enemies, God Rays, UI fixes, actually fixes many bugs from Bethesda’s game that they seemingly just choose to not fix. It’s always a joy to download a bunch of mods (that don’t break your game) and seeing how you can combat this version of Skyrim. It adds a breath a fresh air to your experience, Hell there’s even a Mod that adds the infinity Gauntlet into the game, you can become Thanos and Snap half of Tamriel away.

Bethesda seems to want to capitalize on this and added what I will call “Community creations”. Is what Bethesda calls them, which never really made any sense to me, all these “Community Creations” Are simply Paid Mods. The Mods the community creates Are Community Creations, to me this was just Bethesda trying to cash in on the Modding communities success, which obviously hasn’t stopped them in Fallout 76, the trash fire that was. It doesn’t hinder the experience, there’s a lot of fun free mods If you can discover something that suits your fancy.

Your Dragonborn, Your Rules

Skyrim’s Fleshed out Leveling and Combat system allows you to craft your own character, but not be limited in the ways of most RPGs. You can switch from a Warhammer to Dual Spell casting with no requirements other than what you can unlock from the perk trees. This allows your character to not just focus on one aspect of Magic, Thievery, Or Might. This was a major point of popularity in Skyrim, allowing you to switch up combat styles to suit a fight, or suit your play style. Not many games in the last decade allowed you to freely change up and focus on other combat abilities, granted. If you leveled up your magic perks to a high degree and rarely focused on your thief or warrior skills. If you try to attack someone with a bow and arrow or a greatsword, chances are you’ll do Much less damage than a expert level destruction spell.

Focusing on one aspect of the three skill trees, (excluding the vampire and werewolf skull trees) will leave you at a disadvantage when using combat with a skill you’re less advanced in. Granted after completing the Main Storyline, the Faction Questlines, And the Daedric quests, chances are you’re very well equipped to defeat nearly any boss or monster that crosses your path in Tamriel.

If you’ve enjoyed Skyrim has much as I have over the past decade, would you still consider it the greatest game to exist in the past Ten Years?