The best opinions on ResetERA, are the ones that get you banned.

“Had to lock the thread, people were asking questions.”

Hello friends, let me ask you some things before we start this article. Do you like fun? Do you like to ask questions? Do you think that harassment is bad? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I’m afraid I have some bad news for you, you are not ResetERA material. I know that this news may make you sad but before I continue allow me to give those who may not know what ResetERA is a quick crash course.

ResetERA is an online forum predominately used for discussions on gaming. The site was created following a mass exodus from its predecessor NeoGAF following the revelation that the owner was a, shall we say, less than savory individual. It is a website best known for it’s incredibly invasive membership requirements, preachy and condescending threads, gross identity politics, ultra ban-happy mods, and overall lack of personal introspection from its users. The site is essentially just lefty-4chan without any of the creative memes and twice as much pearl-clutching. But you may be saying to yourself “Is it really that bad?” No, it’s worse. But here are some recent examples provided from @Reeratakes on Twitter to give you an idea:

Stan that ban.
Banned for everything BUT racism.
Imagine unironically saying “Boner culture”

What a fun site, not crazy at all. ResetERA has so much stuff to criticize that I wish I could fit it all into this one article. Moving on though I want to also make it clear that obviously not all ResetERA members are like this, I’m sure there are plenty of ERA users that hate the state of the site too but they are the minority. And that’s because like many forums, ResetERA is an echo-chamber of ideas. No, I’d go as far as to say that ResetERA is in the top three echo-chambers online period with how little growth the people in it tend to show. There’s no expanding of ideas in ResetERA, because those who really try to think critically and go against the grain just get banned. There isn’t a wide diversity of ideals on the site, it’s kept very heavily left-leaning. Everything is bland and sterilized with no edge. I mean come on, Reddit looks more fun and accepting compared to ResetERA.

The bans on ResetERA are probably the most diverse thing about the site as a whole. You can be banned for basically anything on that forum, it doesn’t matter what. @ResetEraBanBot on Twitter is a great source that archives the bans from ResetERA on KiwiFarms and posts them with links, take a look at some of the reasons you could be banned:

I know it’s a warning but my God.
Only idiots say “reverse racism” still, it’s regular racism.

I highly recommend following both accounts, @ResetEraBanBot and @Reeratakes, if you want a good laugh at how crazy these people can be.

I would like to reiterate by the way that this is supposed to be a forum about discussing video games, and instead it’s essentially just a political forum with a “gamer” coat of paint. Don’t call them gamers though, that’s derogatory. Why would you ever want to be called a gamer on a gaming forum, ugh! Next thing you know they’ll start to think ERA users like fun

Now as of right now, this article is the first one of a few I intend to make on ResetERA. Think of this as an introduction of what I have planned to come out in the future, but I don’t know when that will be so just keep an eye out. Be sure to follow EscapeZero for more news and jabs at boring forums, have a great day.