Persona 5 Royale: Localization Battle

Rumors abound for the upcoming release of Persona 5 Royal, not that they have anything to do with anything being added to the re-release of the beloved 2016 Magami Tensei spin off, rather what should be removed. P5R according to IGN, Atlus has edited dialogue out of the new version that has been deemed homophobic by extremely online people.

The seen a question depicts two effeminately gay men harassing two of the main heroes during their wacky adventures (that’s the non spoiler version for anyone who hasn’t played the original version. Which you should.)

Ari Advincula goes on to say that this is an opportunity as “A chance to make it right”. Right by who? A very niche group of people who do not play video games in the first place. If we are splitting hairs then why hasn’t anyone brought up the fact that your underage main hero can date multiple older women throughout the game. Did they forget about that detail or are the stereotypical gay joke characters more important? Really this game must be Kryptonite for these extremely online feminist, why complain about anything in the first place if you’re not going to bring up anything else that seems problematic. Is it hypocrisy or are they just that stupid? Stay tuned.