Megalobox Season 2 In Development

With Megalobox taking my ‘Anime of the Year’ in 2018, you can only assume how absolutely beside myself when I found out the Junkdog is coming back for round 2. With the ending to Season 1 of MEGALOBOX being Joe winning Megalonia and showing the world what “True Megaloboxing is”. It seemed that the story ended with a nicely wrapped bow and it was time for another anime to take the stage, but with this announcement trailer Of Season 2 in Development , the story of Joe isn’t quite finished yet.

There has been no official English dub date or even confirmation of its completion. We could hopefully expect this late 2020, or even as late as Early to Mid 2021. But for anyone who loves the Stray Dogs, we all know the Midsummer heat might drive a dog to kill, but it will never break him.