Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley, has announced two upcoming projects.

Break out those pitchforks. Get it? Did you get it? Please laugh.

That’s right folks, we apparently are getting two new games in the future from the developer of beloved indie farming game Stardew Valley. It was just revealed by Eric himself on Twitter in response to a user asking if there will be more games taking place in the Stardew universe someday. Eric responded:

Real question, is that a Russian Bot?

It seemed incredibly likely that this would be the case given how popular Stardew Valley has become since its release. The game is on virtually every platform and has sold millions of copies since 2017 to a very positive fan response. But not just one, two projects are being developed with one apparently having less to do with Stardew. Peoples speculation is in overdrive but Barone made a follow-up Tweet telling people to relax a bit before letting imagination run wild:

While I understand what Barone means, let’s be honest here, gamers are going to speculate heavy no matter what. But it’s good to know that new games related to Stardew are being developed. I hope we’ll see something come out about these new projects this year, but my bet is things won’t be rolling until next year. We’ll keep you updated though on any new developments or announcements.