Fans come together to make “Ishuzoku Reviewers” the 2nd highest rated anime on MyAnimeList.

The homies just love monster girls, what can I say?

You heard me right, as of right now Ishuzoku Reviewers is the second highest rated anime of all time according to MyAnimeList’s top anime section. This result comes from the efforts of fans on Twitter and allegedly 4chan (It’s a safe bet but I haven’t confirmed it) who all started giving the anime 10 stars to have it reach the top ten.

The reasons for this campaign are a mixed bag with some claiming they are doing it just for the fun of it, others claiming they want Funimation to see the high rating and make them regret cancelling it, and the few people who just genuinely love thicc monster girls. But their efforts were not in vain because as of right now the show is in 2nd place on the list, and only has to surpass the 9.22 score of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

It’s in the 4th spot, but the score is 2nd highest.

The anime has now surpassed the scores of Steins;Gate, Hunter x Hunter, Attack on Titan, Gintama, and so many other highly regarded anime. The question I have following this is will MyAnimeList allow this rating to stay, or will they remove it because it’s a targeted voting campaign? I don’t know how MyAnimeList usually operates, and I don’t have any historic knowledge of them doing something like that, but it wouldn’t be odd for them to remove a bunch of positive reviews because of artificial inflation of scores.

I hope MyAnimeList doesn’t lower the score or remove Ishuzuko Reviewers from the top three because it’s wholesome to see people coming together to do something fun like this. This is just people coming together for a quick meme and it’ll most likely fade from memory soon enough, so just let people have their fun. Should anything develop regarding MyAnimeList, or if the anime takes the top spot, I’ll post an update in the future so be sure to keep an eye out for that article and check back to EscapeZero for more anime news.