My Hero Academia author attacked over seemingly insensitive character name.

The author has apologized, but we know that won’t be enough.

“My Hero Academia” author Horikoshi Kōhei is under fire on social media after the latest chapter of the manga was released. The outrage being directed at him is a result of a new character in the recent chapter named Maruta Shiga, a mad scientist and antagonist to the cast. This outrage is a result of the characters name “Maruta,” as it apparently has ties to horrific experimentation done by the Japanese during WWII. Maruta being the term to identify those who were tortured and dismembered in cruel experiments done in the name of Eugenics research.

The character in question.

Following the chapters release, a large amount of hate was directed toward Horikoshi on social media, especially twitter, and this has lead to a statement being released regarding the characters name from both Horikoshi himself and Shonen Jump.

Horikoshi explaining he meant no harm and was unaware of the context.
Shonen Jump explains that Horikoshi did not intend offense, and the character will be changed moving forward.

Because of the characters nature as an evil scientist, many have drawn the conclusion it had to have been a reference to these atrocities and are demonizing Hirokoshi on Twitter, calling for boycotts, etc.

Now I can’t speak on behalf of Horikoshi, and I don’t know what people are going through regarding this as I have no connection to the “Maruta” term. I do believe though that this was a genuine mistake on Horikoshi’s part, and that he truly didn’t mean to name the character in such a way. Despite this mistake though, Horikoshi and Shonen Jump have both confirmed the characters name will be changed moving forward and continue to apologize for the mistake. For now things have quieted down a bit, so we’ll keep an eye out and post updates as things develop.