Funimation quietly removes Interspecies Reviewers, citing it as “Outside of our standards”

It was odd enough they even dubbed it frankly.

It has come to attention that Funimation has completely removed their anime dub for “Interspecies Reviewers,” an adaptation of the manga by author Amahara, from their website. The show was stealthily removed from Funimation’s website and now leads to an error page when trying to search it. One fan from Reddit discovered this and contacted Funimation to receive the following response:

“Hello Funimation User,

Thank you for contacting Funimation Support. We appreciate your business.

After careful consideration, the series was removed from the service as it falls outside our standards. We have the utmost respect for our creators so rather than substantially alter the content, we felt taking it down was the most respectful choice.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Thank You!”

Credit to Nicchiban for supplying the statement for me.

So unfortunately, it seems that fans will now have to watch the remainder of the show in subs only now that the dub has been dropped. The question on peoples minds though is “Why even pick up the show if you are just going to drop it before finishing the dub?” Did Funimation not do any research into the manga and its contents before deciding to host the dub of the anime? Did they know and only remove the anime now due to some unseen backlash on social media? It’s hard to say really.

Truth be told, I found it hard to believe at the time when someone told me the anime was getting a dub by Funimation, especially given their more progressive views when it comes to anime. But this decision seems more in line with what I expected and honestly, in hindsight it seems like it was a long time coming. Let’s not pretend like “Interspecies Reviewers” isn’t basically a porno comedy, I’m a fan of the manga so try and tell me I’m wrong.

I guess the only thing we can do is just settle for subs-only for this one friends, which is fine really. It’s better to have just subs than no anime adaptation at all. Wake me when they get to the Salamander girl. And be sure to follow EscapeZero for more updates on anime news.