Manga Spotlight: Karate Baka Isekai

Don’t play in the streets or Truck-kun will get you.

Alright now I know some people just looked at the title of this manga and immediately rolled their eyes at the word “isekai”, but hear me out on this one okay? I know it’s taboo to recommend these seeing as most people are sick of them for the most part but let me try and sell you with the first paragraph of this review right now. A guy kicks the shit out of a Minotaur, with Karate.


Jokes aside I also want to point out that this review will be pretty short as there aren’t many translated chapters so far. But honestly I can live with waiting for new updates because this manga is awesome. It’s a really simple concept, even by isekai standards, but it delivers it so well. A burly man beating the absolute hell out of magical creatures with only his mastery of Karate, how does that not sound awesome? Beyond that, the artwork for this manga is really pretty looking and that just makes the action even better.

Now I’m sure at this point everyone who reads manga or watches anime is aware how isekai work. But I’ll go over how our main character Baka-san gets transported to a parallel world. As a girl is crossing the street a truck comes out of nowhere and is about to hit her. The only thing that saves this girl is… herself, jumping out of the way because some crazy guy in a Karate gi decides that he wants to defeat this truck in one on one combat! In the end though our valiant hero is slain by the Demon God of Trucks himself, and wakes up in the afterlife! (Disclamer: This idiot tries to stop a moving truck with a front punch.)

High-T, Low IQ.

There’s really not much I can say without giving too much away. As I said the manga isn’t very far along, only about 7 chapters in, so I’ll avoid going deeper. Chapter count aside though, this is a really entertaining manga and I highly recommend picking it up whether to read on update or add to your backlog for later. I hope you give this a chance and don’t let the isekai part sway you away from a fun and great looking manga. Next Manga Spotlight I promise will be longer than this one, and I hope you check it out. Have a great day, and believe in the power of Karate!