Weathering With You, hits Number 2 in Domestic Box Office Sales

From the Brilliant mind of Makoto Shinkai, his newest Anime film Weathering With You, has been highly praised and has brought in a highly successful project. It’s first openings in certain Places in North America have brought high sales in the domestic market.

The film brought in roughly 1.5 Million dollars in the limited screening it has in North America. In total, including screenings in Japan, Australia, France, Spain and other countries totals to over 178 Million dollars, even surpassing last years Dragon Ball Super: Broly which amassed over 125 Million dollars in its Worldwide sales.

This isn’t the first Time Shinaki has touched high levels of fame, his previous anime film, Your Name is still the highest grossing anime Film of all time, reaching a whopping 359 Million dollars since its release in 2016. Its obvious Shinkai has a sense of artistic beauty that brings his films to a legendary status. We can hope that he will continue to create some of the most popular films in anime history.