Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, returns with a new, terrifying Project

Higurashi, When they Cry, is a highly popular light novel series that had its anime and video game adaptation in the early 2000’s. The story revolves around A Village set within the 1980’s time period that worshiped a certain god “Oyashiro”. The Story revolves around this odd village takes place within the lives of classmates that turns bloody and terrifying. The plot is darker than it seems, and holds a lot of mystery to what this village is hiding and what evil has yet to come.

Studio Passione has teased a new project involving the Higurashi anime that could take place within the year, and it’s expected to be just as good as the original.

The teaser seen here if you want looks to hold that same dark mysterious aura that the original once held. There has been no information of this coming to any audiences outside of Japan, but we can only hope this will get a more widespread launch with will undoubtedly bring in more support for the anime and the horror-anime genre as a whole.