“My Hero Academia” is Terribly Popular

My Hero Academia has swept the world with its story, characters, plot and overall greatness. But is it actually a good thing? No. no it has not. My Hero Academia’s popularity has risen and so has the disgusting toxicity of the fan base and their treatment of others and the show itself, including the creator. I suppose I should give a warning before proceeding: I for one enjoy the anime. It’s a good show with unique characters, regardless of the toxic fans I still like my hero Academia. This is merely a string critique of the bad part of it all.

The Anime itself is not necessarily bad, it’s just the show is very easy to get into unlike other anime such as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which Spans 8 different parts with their own characters and plot. My Hero has been condensed into a 4 season anime where it is simple to understand the world, characters and super powers (or “Quirks”). This is an issue but not for the reason you think it is. A simple concept is fine, but the simplicity allows anyone to understand the show. Which would be good, having more fans and viewers. But when those fans are such terrible people, it hinders the anime itself and gives it a bad reputation.

This allows for in better terms: “Normies”, people who have only seen probably 4-5 anime in their entire lifetime and claim My Hero Academia is the second coming of Jesus. But in reality, they’re so picky with what they watch they’ve never actually taken the time to watch something other than highly popular anime. They put My Hero in such a high regard and never consider trying to view more anime in order to broaden their perspective other than My Hero is the “Greatest Anime of all time”.

Spoiler Alert: It’s not.

Of course that’s subjective, and stating that something is the greatest of all time isn’t really an issue by itself. It’s the ridiculous and borderline insane passion they have for the anime, harassing anyone who simply doesn’t see My Hero as the godsend that they do. I wish I could say I don’t see it often, but it’s almost all that I see on social media that even has a hint of anime on it.

Sexualized drawings are exactly that: Drawings. Kohei Horikoshi (the creator of My Hero Academia) doesn’t deserve to be harassed by the fans of his own show because of the way he draws his characters. People have accused him of being a pedophile since he’s drawn the female characters and swimsuits. Note: He created My Hero Academia, this is his work.

He’s getting these ridiculous and visceral accusations because some people do not like underage fictional characters being sexually drawn. These are the same people who would fawn over Yaoi relationships such as Izuku Midoriya and Katuski Bakugo, but throw a fit if Ochaco Uraraka’s bra was a little too tight. There’s nothing wrong with liking a female character or liking a fan made Yaoi ship, that’s perfectly fine and you should enjoy what you want. But you cannot try to virtue signal your opinions to harm the creator or anyone who disagrees with you.

It doesn’t even stop there. These same people would harass Horikoshi over “Endeavor”, a less liked character in the anime. Endeavor being a terrible person is part of the plot of the anime. But when something positive happens to him, a plethora of negativity falls upon Hirokoshi.

The entire fan base is not like this, not everyone who enjoys this show is a bad person. That’s obvious. But the most vocal parts of the fan base are usually the worst kind. They usually voice the loudest and cause the most issues. There’s nothing wrong with My Hero Academia bringing in new fans and allowing anime to gain a more prominent form within the Western base. It’s great that anime is getting more fans, but it’s not great that a portion of these fans are destroying what they enjoy because something about it hurts their feelings.

Regardless, My Hero Academia is a good anime and I would recommend anyone who hasn’t seen anime or someone who has seen anime to watch it, regardless.