Manga Spotlight: Weak 5000 Year Old Vegan Dragon

Yeah, killing the Demon King is cool… But have you ever eaten moss?

Well, holiday break is over, and in that time I caught up on a lot of manga reading. During my reading I was looking through lesser known manga and authors and came across a manga with a cool dragon on the cover, and a name I couldn’t read. “Meh, dragons are cool. I’ll give it a shot.” That was my thought when I started reading it, and frankly, I’m really really glad I gave this manga a chance because it’s not at all what I expected it to be, and it’s really good.

Going in I thought this would be your typical mythical battle manga, and in a certain way I was right, but those bits are hidden underneath a really good comedy. The manga follows the story of an old black dragon named, sorry, referred to as Jaryuu. I say referred to because that’s the name given to the old dragon by a young girl named Reiko. Reiko is a live sacrifice offered to “Jaryuu-sama” by a nearby village in exchange for sparing their lives. The big issue here though is that not only is “Jaryuu” not the Jaryuu leading the Demon Kings army, he doesn’t even eat meat (If the title didn’t already give it away).

Unfortunately for Jaryuu, Reiko is 100% assured that he is in fact the general of the Demon King’s army and won’t listen to anything that he says to her to contradict this. This girl is so set on this fantasy of hers that just to make her go away, Jaryuu pretends that he absorbed part of her soul and “ate” it so she’ll finally leave. Spoiler, that was a terrible idea and obviously it doesn’t work.

The problem with Reiko is that she’s… Incredibly batshit insane. She is so sure of her belief that Jaryuu is really the Jaryuu she thinks he is that once he “eats” part of her soul she has now become his kin, or familiar. Now, that wouldn’t be much of an issue on its own for a big dragon like him to deal with honestly. But aside from being crazy, Reiko actually has quite a bit of hidden potential. When Jaryuu brings her back to the village to try and dump her there and go home the village is suddenly (Read as: Conveniently) attacked by monsters, and while he starts internally freaking out since he’s a big weak lizard, Reiko unleashes her hidden power. Reiko has the aptitude to be a powerful mage, and with massive magical energy she obliterates the attacking monsters with ease and declares herself to be the devout servant Jaryuu-sama, General of the Demon King!

Kids these days and their planet-busting magical powers.

So let’s do a head count. We have a giant black dragon, who’s a harmless vegan that’s never even been in a fight before. And we have a young girl, with a seemingly bottomless pool of magic power inside her and a zealous subservience to said vegan dragon. This unlikely duo are all that stands between the world and annihilation!

We’re doomed.

To sum things up, this manga is a really fun comedy that hides behind a battle manga appearance. Or maybe it’s the other way around? Hard to say, but it’s really good. From the art, to the lively characters and how well they play off each other, to the tons of great reaction images I’ve gotten from it. I would highly recommend this manga to anyone. At the time of writing the manga should be up to chapter 20-21 and typically range from 30-40+ pages each. I hope you check this manga out or add this to your list of stuff to read, and remember to pray to Jaryuu-sama or a pissed demonic-loli will murder you in your bed.

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