Happy Holidays from the EZ Crew

  Hi, howdy. Justin here. I got the honor of wishing you all a happy holiday season this year, and I don’t plan to squander it. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or what have you… This time of year is about you and your family. Mind you, your family is who you make it. If that’s your blood relative, or a life long friend that’s always had your back. It doesn’t matter. What does, is that you have someone. Remember that many things in life are fleeting, and that you should enjoy them while you have them. If you have someone or something meaningful in your life, you likely don’t need some nerdy journalist to tell you. Even so, sometimes even the wisest need to be reminded they’re allowed sit back and relax once in awhile.

  Binge the Witcher with your boyfriend, watch that sappy rom com with your wife. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it just matters that you’re doing it with someone you care about. Maybe you’re just hanging out in a Discord call with some old friends from a long distance, and totally legally streaming some anime. You don’t need a holiday to know they’re important, but the time off and festivities certainly don’t hurt a thing.

  That’s how the crew here is gonna be spending the coming days, so don’t expect the usual output of weeb content. I’ve got some Nerf guns to give my niece and nephew, I can’t wait to see them play with those things through their childhood like I did with mine. Don’t worry about the next console war or the latest anime drama. Enjoy what’s meaningful to you, let the weight of your world off your shoulders for a spell. Bundle up, and cuddle up with the nearest squishy thing (no judgement here, pillows welcome).

  I know not everyone gets to enjoy the holidays like they deserve, some have it rough all year round. You can’t help everyone, but don’t shy from doing what little you can. Send good tidings, keep people in your prayers. And as a man of consistency, I have an offer for all of you readers.

  Maybe you’re having a hard time, maybe you don’t even think you have a pal to talk to. Maybe you think your friends will judge you, or shouldn’t be bothered by you. It’s not true. And if it is, they’re not friends. Whatever the case, you can feel free to send me a message. I mean it.

  Vent, express how you’re feeling. I’ll even try to give some advice if I feel I can. But if nothing else, you’ve got a shoulder to cry on if you need it. I won’t judge you, and you never have to speak to or see me again if you don’t want to. There’s a certain liberty in speaking to a stranger, and that’s my Christmas gift to everyone at home. If you think you don’t have anyone at all to talk to, you now have me.

  Contact “@saltyfishboi” on Twitter, or “courperationX#9048” on Discord. Whichever you prefer. I’ll listen.

  Yes I’m well aware what I just opened myself up to, but frankly I don’t much care. You kats hitting hard times deserve a place to turn to, and I wanna make sure you have it. Don’t be afraid, don’t doubt yourself. It’s an open invitation to everyone.

  Take care all, send love to those in need. Merry Christmas my friends. And from the Escape Zero crew, to all a good night.