The Wolf Among us gets its long awaited sequel

With the Game awards coming to a close not long ago, one of the major highlights was a reveal of the return of TellTale games, and a return to one of their most loved games.

The Wolf Among Us was the first game many played from the TellTale series, excluding the Walking dead sequels. The Wolf told the story of fantasy characters living in a modern world and still forced to deal with a killer lurking within the fantasy and reality of their worlds. The game ended with one of the largest cliffhangers and was never truly expected to get a season 2. But as of right now it has been confirmed, and In the Epic Games Store, the original game is free, so go pick it up if you want. But, it is available for alternative consoles.

Regardless of how or where you play it, I For One cannot wait for the return of the Big Bad Wolf.