Manga Spotlight: The Way of the House Husband

Never judge a bloodstained book by its cover.

Have you ever played the Yakuza games before? Ever play the fun side activities like karaoke? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to essentially put a Yakuza character into a manga and see how he’d be? Well this is the closest you’re going to get to that thought if you have.

Gokushufudou: The Way of the House Husband is a comedy that follows the daily life of “Immortal” Tatsu, a former Yakuza who has given up his old life of crime to make an honest living as a stay-at-home husband for his wife Miku. The only issue, if you can call it that, is that despite being rather well-suited to being a house husband, Tatsu has retained a lot of the Yakuza mannerisms people like him tend to have. His lingo, his outfits, and even the way he cooks food are all very over the top and threatening looking. I mean come on, he uses a Tanto Shirasaya for cooking! But damn, can he make some good looking food.


Normally, I’d try to explain the first chapter in detail as a setup, but the chapters aren’t really that long and honestly you have the whole idea of what to expect going in. This is a silly manga about a former Yakuza doing things a Yakuza wouldn’t do, and honestly it works really well. It’s a fish out of water story, except the fish can apparently wind sprint. Who would have thought that being able to dispose of a body quickly would help someone learn how to redecorate a child’s bedroom on a budget? Or that working in a drug lab would allow someone to make the perfect homemade ice cream? Actually the second one I could believe, but you get the idea.

He’s a good husband.

Honestly, you’d think that Tatsu is better being a house husband than a Yakuza. He can cook, he can bake, he knows how to interior decorate; really he’s a master of his craft. It’s enjoyable seeing a guy who would gut you for talking to the cops teach someone how to bake bread from scratch. It’s not limited to Tatsu though, a number of other Yakuza in this manga go from murderous looking criminals, to average(ish) guys just looking to enjoy home cooking and have fun in the summer.

Tapioca is delicious, I can’t blame them.

Honestly, there are so many panels I could post in this article of well-drawn Yakuza glaring daggers at someone while participating in silly activities that it’d make this the longest article I’ve done. But I guarantee that if you are looking for a comedy manga, this will be a good use of your time. Tatsu is funny and endearing with how much he loves his wife, the supporting cast also play off each other very well, and an unsung perk of this manga is that honestly the art is really pretty. Also, you can finally answer the question of “Who’s more intimidating, the Yakuza, or mothers?”

I 100% recommend this manga, and honestly may read it over again from the beginning. It currently has 30+ chapters and updates monthly. If you needed a comedy to brighten up your day, give this one a shot. Let me know what you think in the comments. Remember to get that bread kings.