Microsoft Announces new console, X Box Series X

Got enough “X’s” in your name Microsoft? I fully eXpect the next console to be xXboxShadowWolfXx at this point.

But we finally get a chance to look at Microsoft’s secret console announced as “Project Scarlett” earlier this year. It features a sleek PC Tower like design, the trailer gave us (hopefully) what the new console can do when we finally get our hands on it.

No “Watercooler” slogans to be found and their focus was on video games for their cinematic trailer and we even saw Masterchief so hopefully we’ll see more Halo games on the horizon as he’s been the posterboy of Xbox for quite some time.

If we’re all going to be honest with ourselves, Xbox One was stomped by their competition in the last console generation with it’s most popular games being multiplatform titles that released on PS4.

Microsoft could have gone full PC Master Race and pulled away from Consoles entirely with PC Gaming getting bigger and bigger every year. But it’s nice to see them stick around with consoles.

Will Xbox Series X do better than the Xbox One? Only time will tell but the optimist in me is pretty excited.

Also if you’re wondering about the randomly capitalized X in the first sentence of this article, it wasn’t an accident.

It was a pun.

Neener Neener.