Opinion Piece: The Hate for Exclusivity, The Rise of Communism

Why do people hate system exclusive games? These games push hardware to deliver unique experiences you can’t find on any other platform. It is an art to do this with a company’s hardware for their platform.

But people hate these games. Yet many defend the free market. You don’t defend a free market. You want a controlled market, like COMMUNISM has! Where everything is the same and no artistic expression can be found!

If there were no more exclusives, this would be a bad thing and damage the free market, leading way to Communism! PlayStation fans upset over losing exclusivity are valid. Because this will damage art irreparably if left unchecked any longer.

What of Nintendo? Their hardware is weaker than everyone else’s. What would be the reason to buy a Switch if Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey were on PS4? There would be none.

Microsoft’s XboxOne is proof of this. Nobody buys anything on XboxOne anymore. They wait for the PC port, which has lost Microsoft money on the development of their Hardware.

Fight for our exclusives, never surrender and don’t give in to any form of Communism!