Streets of Rage 4 reunites the original trio

If you were a fan of classic beat-em-ups on the Sega Genesis then undoubtedly some of your favorite games were Streets of Rage 1,2, and 3.

Known as Bare Knuckle in Japan, this 16 bit puncher was, pun fully intended, all the rage back in the day. Three awesome games on one mega console and then…silence.

Other than cameo appearances in comic books as well as a few features in other Sega crossover games, the Streets of Rage crew was becoming more and more of a nostalgia act and their memory was fading fast.

Until last year when Sega announced that, through many stop and start reboots and sequels, we were FINALLY getting a proper Streets of Rage 4 and my God did it look good with classic side scrolling beat-em-up action with a modern shine.

Even though Axel looks like he’s hit hard times, Blaze looks fantastic as usual.

When did Joseph Joestar discover hair dye?
Of course someone named Blaze would be HOT!

But something was missing. We only saw two characters in the trailer when Streets of Rage has always had three to four playable characters and Streets of Rage 3 had several unlockable ones.

Well after several months of silence from SEGA on this project we finally got our answer. Adam Hunter who hasn’t been playable since Streets of Rage 1 is BACK!

I brought some clippers for ya, Axel

I was worried that SEGA was going to, yet again, cancel another promising Streets of Rage title but seeing Adam again makes me ecstatic. Bringing back the original Streets of Rage trio for this brand new game is the smart way to go and hopefully we’ll see other characters from the series rejoining the roster.

The last announcement we got from this project was a trailer for Adam’s daughter, Cherry Hunter, who looks like she’ll be a fun character. She has a Haruko Haru Hara vibe by carrying around a guitar and wailing on everyone in her path.

But it’s great to see the gang back together again…now seriously, give Axel a shave or at least give us a classic costume option.