MLB: The Show, coming to multiple consoles in 2021

MLB: The Show is a long running baseball game series that was exclusive on the PlayStation consoles, but when 2021 arrives this will not be the case anymore and some hardcore PlayStation fans are furious!

Sony made a Statement that MLB The Show, will “arrive on additional console platforms” in 2021. This could include Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. in that conversation. Sony has never stated if MLB The Show will appear on the modern gen consoles or the next gen interaction of PlayStation, most likely the PlayStation 5, perhaps it will be compatible with the PlayStation 4 or not. We only have a confirmation that we can expect the game series to be playable on additional consoles. Timed exclusives are are a new concept being tested this generation that have yet to show significant yields in profit.

Seemingly we can expect Nintendo and Xbox to be added on that list, but will it appear on Google Stadia? Most likely not, with its god awful release and controversy surrounding it we don’t foresee any reasonable game companies wanting to partner with it.

All in all the concept of timed exclusives will become more commonplace as time goes on if this trend continues to spread.