Resident Evil 3 remake has been officially announced

Resident Evil 3 has been properly announced and showcased in today`s Sony State Of Play and we can see a lot of footage showing the new looks of certain characters such as Brad and Nikolai while also giving us a release date of April 3rd 2020.

Nikolai as he appears in the remake
Brad as he appears in the remake

As we can see with the game we can also confirm that dodge rolling is confirmed for the game with other features such as.

Including the new game Project Resistance alongside the game and also pre ordering to get the classic costumes in the game.

So far we have almost no real details about the game but know that Escape Zero will keep all of you updated about more Resident Evil 3 Remake news.

Our two heroes (Left: Jill Valentine. Right: Carlos Oliveira)
Oficially released screenshot from the game

Till then prepare to escape from Raccoon City and Nemesis once again on April 3rd on PS4 and Xbox One