Halo Reach: A Good Port

Halo Reach was recently released onto the PC via the Master Chief Collection and it was met with overwhelming support.

While I do find the severe lack of criticism concerning I can’t help but agree. 343 did an incredible job porting this to the PC. They put the time and effort into making sure they didn’t fuck up and it shows.

The visuals look great and the game runs well, 343 has packed this game with 3 graphics quality options. Performance, Standard and Enhanced. Unfortunately there are not many specific options like AA or shadow quality but that’s made up for by the Enhanced setting. For FPS there are two options, 60 fps and unlimited which is unfortunate for a person like me who wants to play at 144 FPS not 1200 FPS, it unnecessarily taxes your PC and I hope they correct this in the future.

The mouse feel really good in this game, I mostly play multiplayer SWAT, a game mode where head shots always one shot and that was one of the most entertaining games I’ve ever played. The combat is fast paced and lethal, if someone turns the corner and you aren’t ready for them you lose. For some reason this game makes me feel like I’m actually good at video games. Hitting head shots is orgasmic.

Overall this was a good port. Everything works well, the controls are really smooth and feel right at home for Halo. For the other Halo games coming up I expect the same quality but I have my doubts for Halo 4. I love Halo 4 so much and I’m afraid they will ruin it in some way but Reach has gained my trust in them.