Snoop Dogg added as a commentator and playable character in NHL 20

EA just released an update for NHL 20 which adds none other than rapper Snoop Dogg as both a playable character and a commentator for the matches.

A quick rundown on the patch:

Play as Snoop Dogg in NHL 20.

RPM Tech-powered gameplay introduces Signature Shots that replicate your favorite NHL players’ real-world shot styles. Over 45 new shot animations make every attack a threat, and new passing and puck pick-ups create faster, fluid gameplay executed at full speed.

Now, this is not the first time that Snoop Dogg has made a cameo or appeared in a game as himself (Most recent example being the Family Guy: The Quest for stuff videogame, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Call Of Duty Ghosts also having a cameo in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in his own stage) but it is surprising for being a playable character and given for free to players since everybody knows Snoop Dogg from either the memes or his music.

Now it also should be noted it shouldn`t be surprising since Snoop Dogg is an avid sports fan himself and has shown an avid like for ice hockey and being spotted wearing a Jersey of the NHL Pittsburg Penguins.

What do you think about this amazingly odd update for the game?

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Let us know in the comments and remember that NHL 20 is available today on PS4 and Xbox One