Manga Spotlight: Chainsaw Man


Let me be honest with you all, this manga is FUCKING SICK. It may not be the most original setup, but who the hell cares when the main character is a dude made of CHAINSAWS!? How can you not be sold on this manga already after hearing that!? A guy who has the power to sprout chainsaws from his limbs and head to eviscerate evil monsters is 110% pure fucking metal! This is like the manga equivalent to DOOM. But if the concept alone isn’t enough to sell you on this manga, I guess I’ll go into detail.

We’ve all been there bud.

Chainsaw Man follows the life of Denji, a teenager working for the Yakuza to pay off the debt left with him after the death of his father. A debt so large that this poor bastard has never even had jam on his bread. Denji is an amateur Devil Hunter who makes his living killing grotesque creatures called, you guessed it, Devils. In this world the collective fears of humanity don’t just stay in the mind, they become very real and very dangerous monsters that feed on humans and spread fear across the world. Sharks, bombs, natural disasters, and all manner of other things people fear represented through a Devil avatar. And the more people fear something, the stronger the Devil.

But getting back to Denji, he is able at first to kill Devils by using the powers of a Devil dog he takes care of named Pochita. With Pochita’s help, Denji kills Devils for the Yakuza to bit by bit pay off the massive death his father accumulated. You would think that this kind of life would drive Denji insane, but you’d be wrong. Denji just wants to get rid of his debt, and to at least get a girlfriend before he dies. Unfortunately though those dreams don’t work out for him because as we all know, you can’t trust the Yakuza. Denji’s debt collectors bring him to a warehouse, where he is to be offered as a sacrifice to the Zombie Devil, who promised the Yakuza its power if they became his slaves. Once inside, Denji and Pochita are butchered mercilessly by the zombie Yakuza and dumped in the trash to rot. The end.

Again… RIP. AND. TEAR.

Yeah, right, of course that’s not the end. In their final moments, Pochita offers Denji a contract for her powers. The one condition: “Show me more of your dreams.” Pochita wants Denji to live, so she becomes his heart and imbues him with the power of the Chainsaw Devil. And with Pochita’s power unleashed he absolutely slaughters EVERYTHING. Unfortunately the Zombie Devil hasn’t seen Army of Darkness so he’s unaware that zombies aren’t strong against chainsaws. In little time, Denji tears apart everyone, with much enthusiasm I might add, and finally frees himself from his debt to the Yakuza.

Following his victory over the Zombie Devil, Denji is found by new arrivals to the warehouse. It turns out the real Devil Hunters were aware of the Zombie Devil and came to exterminate it, but find Denji instead. A young woman asks Denji if he’s a human or a Devil, but all he can do is collapse in her arms. Seeing his powers, this woman takes an interest in him and gives him an ultimatum. To be killed as a Devil, or live as her pet. She tells him that if he picks being her pet, he’ll be well fed. His one question for her is what breakfast will be, and her response, toast with jam.

Devil Hunters are cute.

This marks the beginning of Denji’s career as an official Devil Hunter, and as the one and only Chainsaw Devil a.k.a. Chainsaw Man. As an official Devil Hunter, he’ll have to deal with the stigma of being a Devil-Human hybrid and work hard for his new owner to kill stronger and more dangerous Devils. Including the most dangerous Devil of all: Gun Devil (This sounds lame but it’s cool, I promise). Along the way he’ll make allies with some dangerous people, and even some other Devils as well, all to protect humanity and so he can impress girls he likes.

I don’t wanna spoil anything else about this manga, so go read it. Now. Like, right now. It’s awesome. $10 says it gets an anime in the next two years as well, which I will watch religiously. Do you think chainsaws are awesome? Or are you incredibly lame? Let me know in the comments and also keep an eye out for more manga spotlights each week.

Truly, the every-man protagonist.