Leaked Kingdom Hearts 3: REMIND trailer, everything within.

Square Enix made an oopsie, but this one was great for fans of Kingdom Hearts like myself. They accidentally uploaded and promptly deleted the pre-order available trailer for the new DLC, REMIND, which features lots of juicy story details and some neat tidbits gameplay wise that might help spice up the game. No solid release date yet but currently the rumoured release date is January 23rd for PS4 owners and Febuary 25th for Xbox.

If you don’t want to be spoiled, why did you click this article, and this is your final stop. If you want to see the trailer for yourself, you can find it here.

There’s a few details you probably missed while screaming over seeing final fantasy characters return to the franchise. Point by point I’ll go through what happens in the trailer.

The first seconds are showing the return of Final Fantasy’s representation, with mainstays of the series Aerith, Yuffie, and Squall, most likely in Radiant Garden were they were last seen. The room that they are in seems awfully similar to Merlin’s house from Kingdom Hearts 2, which is a nice nod, or maybe we’re getting a fully playable Radiant Garden.

Next we see Sora over Ventus’ Dive into the Heart, getting sucked into darkness and a recoloured Dark Inferno appears with both Sora and the Heartless in the Keyblade Graveyard, followed by a quick montage of more enemies still there including hundreds of Darkness-touched Aqua clones, and Young Terranort featuring Guardian. Master Xehanort mentions how someone else has taken the forbidden path, they must also sacrifice. This could be referring to Aqua who fell to darkness in the 14 years between her entering the Realm of Darkness and finally being rescued, or Sora who has fallen to Darkness twice if my memory serves me correct. Once in Kingdom Hearts where he frees Kairi’s heart from his own body, and once in Kingdom Hearts III’s main story where everyone died for a bit.

Quick cut to playing as Riku against what looks like Xehanort darkness clones with the rest of the keyblade wielders minus Sora in The Final World looking really pretty with at night above the clouds.

Returning swiftly to the keyblade graveyard and we see Luxord questioning who we now know as the sixth apprentice of the Master of Masters, Luxu, about the box that has been a dangling plot thread since χ(Chi) first showed it off to Japanese players. Nearby Demyx wonders why Riku hasn’t left the battleground yet, presumably after the final fights in the main story.

We then get a view into what seems to be this games version of the Data fights from Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+, a very pretty arena for a 1v1 fight against Terranort, Xemnas, Data Riku, Ansem Seeker of Darkness, and Larxene.

We then get a short snippet seeing Kairi finally not be useless in a fight against Master Xehanort in The Final World again before a taster of an expanded Scala Ad Caelum with grind rails. Scala is a jaw dropping world to look at so this is more than welcome.

We get some more story voice lines that don’t have much importance beyond “friendship” in the out of context nature of the trailer. 

The final shot of the trailer is narrated by Ventus’ Chirithy explaining the dire situation that our boy Sora finds himself in with the ending of 3, having essentially disappeared into thin air. Then the character from the in universe video game that showed up in the secret ending, Yozora and Sora say the same line in sync while running towards each other. 

God this sounds like a mess to me and I could probably write a New York Times best seller on the entire lore of kingdom hearts as we know it right now. The complications have always been part of the fun for me though so all this extra story has made me excited for the new DLC more than I was before. 

Nomura you crazy bastard, just when I thought I was out, you pull me back in.