What is Considered an “Anime”?

There has been a large amount of confusion regarding the age old question, “what is considered, ‘Anime'”? And it’s lead to many cartoons or animations being called anime and much confusion.

I’d like to preference this by stating something that important: This is all personally my Opinion, I in no way am claiming that my ideals are better or are correct, this is simply my opinion and I respect yours. Please have a conversation about this rather a pointless, needless argument. We all can learn from each other and accept alternating opinions.

First, we have to ask What is the Definition of “Anime.”

The Definition goes by and I Quote: “A style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.”

Now the Definition of Anime is very vague. Meaning a Style of Japanese Film, anything that resembles anime could be considered “Anime”. One major example is the hit series that will hopefully return. The Boondocks.

The Boondocks was originally a comic strip created by Aaron McGruder. The Boondocks has been called the American Anime. With its character design, color and art style. Notice the large eyes, Eyebrows and body design. The Design holds much to classic anime characters with big eyes and styles. Now many will argue the Boondocks isn’t an anime because it’s an American animation sitcom, and most anime come from Japan, Obviously. The argument implies anime can only be called “Anime” if the Animation comes directly from Japan. Many would call it “Anime-esque”

There is another Major example of the idea of Anime from other counties. And that is a Nickelodeon Masterpiece. Avatar, The Last Air Bender.

From someone who absolutely loves this show, (I Own the Full series DVD set) I can say without a doubt Avatar is the closest iteration to a American Anime in the past decade. The anime Having many inspirations from Asian Culture. The money, the clothes, the fighting styles based off of Martial Arts, the show is a massive representation for the love of Japanese art and beauty. And with its Second series The Legend of Korra, takes a more modern look towards the avatar universe. The Show doesn’t have many Japanese cultures and references, it has a more look towards a renaissance feel towards the show. Regardless the original held many Japanese cultures and with Chinese mythology and culture as well.

Now what is considered an anime, again, is completely subjective and my opinion is my own. But I truly believe that these American shows cross the border between animated and anime. Regardless what is your opinion on both shows?