YouTube and it’s Broken Copyright System Strikes a person for playing their own Game.

YouTube isn’t known for its, fairness to say the least. In this latest installment of the multiple issues pertaining to YouTube.

American James Magee is a Game Developer who is known for Doom II and another game Alice: The game based off of Alice in Wonderland. The issue that pertain is the fact the game that he created is under an issue by YouTube and it’s awful copyright. 

Alice, the video game created by Magee

Magee explains in his tweet, and notice that his name is even on the game. But it was at least copyrighted.

What did YouTube do to assist Him? Sent him a Automated response rather actually address his issue. YouTube is known for its terrible Copyright system, allowing nearly anyone to copyright a video with even the smallest bit of content, even content that falls upon the Law is Fair use.

This is only one of thousands of false copyright claims on YouTube and they seem ignorant to assist those who their system has screwed over.