Plus-Sized Elf: A Silly Concept With a Silly Execution

Were you always hoping for a manga about elves and other fantasy groups trying to lose weight? Yeah, me neither. But, that’s what we got with Plus-Sized Elf. Why a manga with such a silly concept needed to exist, I’m not sure. But, it does. So, let’s talk about it.

The series was created by Synecdoche and serialized in Web Comic Gum. Plus-Sized Elf is the story of a massage therapist named Naoe who meets a very strange customer one day at work. This customer comes in dressed like the invisible man with long-sleeved clothes, a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask. When he gets down to business with the massage he discovers that his patron is actually an elf! A rather large one at that.

This elf’s name is Erufuda and she is stuck in the human world because she’s gained so much weight off of human food that she can’t get back to her world. The rest consists of Naoe trying to help her lose weight along with other fantasy races. Such as a dark elf, mermaid, ogre, flower girl, and lycanthrope. All the women who belong to one of these races are overweight and find themselves asking for help from Naoe. This is basically the entire first volume of the manga. Naoe takes these women around and helps them lose weight by exercising and such. 

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why Synecdoche thought this would be an interesting or engaging concept for a manga. The characters are rather dull. The only one who branches out of the realm of 2d is Erufada. Even then, she’s not a very interesting character. She really loves french fries and can’t stop eating them to the point where she’s obese. So, interesting! The artwork gives the impression that this was written for chubby chasers. The massage portions especially border on pornographic. Basically, if you’re into large women you’ll be into this manga. 

The story is also pretty dull. Forget about how silly the concept is. The story is practically non existent. Every chapter is a new meeting with some fantasy race woman or some new sequence of exercise. From swimming to a sauna for the reader to ogle at the series’ plump characters. Frankly, it’s boring. 

Maybe the only redeeming quality I can find in this manga is the advice Naoe gives occasionally. I’m not a doctor so I can’t attest to the accuracy of the advice he gives. But, from my amateur position the advice doesn’t seem to be half bad if directed towards obese people. He tells the women to exercise and eat properly. Even showing them different exercises and how to do them. 

Overall, this manga did not impress me. The entire concept of it is silly and I can’t fathom how it appeals to anyone. The people I can see loving this manga are chubby chasers who only read it for the images of large women in compromising positions. I find the story is boring. The diet advice littered throughout may be helpful to some people. But, that’s all I can see being redeemable about Plus-Sized Elf.