Legend of Dragoon Remaster in the works?

The company that remastered the Uncharted games for PS4 as well as Shadow of the Collossus and Gravity Rush, earlier this year posted a cryptic tweet about their next project.

Many are speculating that it’s Demon’s’ Souls the widely popular predecessor to the notoriously difficult Dark Souls series. But while most are covering that possibility many others are speculating an HD Remaster to a much older game from the PS1 era, the cult Classic JRPG The Legend of Dragoon.

I would honestly lean towards the latter rather than the former as it appears that they teased two titles. The first sentence could very easily be referring to the legendary Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and given that the moon is red and bats are flying with what appears to be a castle behind them, that could very well be the case.

Now the second game is what interests me the most. The Legend of Dragoon is my all time favorite game and it’s what got me into RPGs. It’s a classic game with a wonderful world, stellar characters, fun combat, and an amazing soundtrack to accompany your grand adventure.

There’s been a strong and adamant fanbase for that game for many years, numerous petitions to remake the game have been spawned and the cryptic tweet from Bluepoint games could be leaning towards that.

If you’ll look carefully at the text you see the words “dart” and “black monsters”. The main goal of the protagonist of The Legend of Dragoon is named Dart Feld and his goal is to get revenge on a creature known as “The Black Monster” for destroying his home village 18 years prior to the game beginning of the story.

Bluepoint recently made another tweet and many are yet again speculating that it will be Demon’s Souls.

However, despite all of the buzz around it Bluepoint games did not like the tweets about a Demon’s Souls remaster but the user fireheart47 posted this tweet in response.

Of which Bluepointgames themselves liked the tweet.

Now I’m not saying that them liking a tweet is a total 100% confirmation of the Remaster but it is interesting that despite all of the hype surrounding a remaster of Demon’s Souls, they’re not really interacting with people around that game but they are interacting with a single Legend of Dragoon prediction.

They did like a tweet about a remaster of the X-Men game on Sega Genesis what with it’s infamous moment towards the end where you have to reset your Sega Genesis after destroying a computer.

While it’s more likely that they have several remasters in the works, nothing has been confirmed outside of cryptic hints on Twitter. It’s been going on since Halloween and who knows what they’ll say next.

We’ll keep you up to date as the story progresses.