A Fantastic Anime Mobile Game: Grand Summoners!

With Stunning Visuals, a simple yet fun system of gameplay and a large collection of characters to get, Grand Summoners is a fantastic Anime RPG from Good Smile Company.

The First thing you’ll notice from the App is it’s well made graphics, each character you collect is created with amazing detail and colors. As a player of the game itself. They all look fantastic with some of the lesser rarity characters to the rainbow star max rarity characters that gleam with such amazing design. The hand drawn characters also work fantastic with the main character Rayas.

Many side characters join the game and they all have an original, well written and focused design that helps sell the game. Many of the bosses are unique and colorful but also are harrowing with originality. The graphics in battle are turned into fantastic 8 bit designs that I’ve come to really like after playing for so long, the area designs are all well made and none are similar. I can only hope if they continue to update the game that more characters, items, areas, and bosses will continue. And they have been working on that, even collaborating with characters from actual anime!

They’ve had two crossovers from popular anime as far as I know, their amazing Crossover with Studio Trigger for The anime KILL LA KILL, and their crossover with One-Punch Man. And even the ability to try and summon characters from their respective anime! Characters like Ryuko Matoi, Satuski Kiryuin, Mako Mankanshuko, Saitama, And others! The game is a Gacha Game, completing tasks to earn crystals you use to summon for characters. This is turn off to many but also a enjoyment to some, I’ve also played gacha games and they are fun in some retrospects, but also can be frustrating with sometimes bad gameplay to go with the gacha system.

The Gameplay itself is simplified to a degree, but regardless of that it’s still much fun, you can select a group of 4 units, ranging from different Classes, God, Human, and Dragon are just a few units that are in the game. Each unit having their own attack animation and super attack, an “Arts” is its name, the higher rarity units have “True Arts”. Moves that have much more powerful that their original Arts attacks. The units also hold equipment slots. Three each, and each slot is a different color to show the items you can use.

Blue, for defensive equipment that ranges from Damage Nullification, Damage resistance of a certain element, resistance from poison, burning. Any other status ailments. The yellow slot is for Support, items that boost critical damage chance, boost your Arts gauge, or even summon magical beasts to assist you in battle! The green slots are for healing, usually items that restore health are here, some also boost health, recover HP slowly for a few seconds. Or just boost resistance to status ailments as before. The red equipment is for damage dealing! Ranging from simple damage or damage based off of an element! Fire, water, earth, light or dark! The amount of content that ranges from the combat is lacking slightly, but it never gets old.

The Extra moments that make this game very enjoyable are it’s events, special battles that are extra challenging that will earn you large amounts of ExP, Gold, Or special units that can only be gained in that event. Some even resembling characters from the story. But a major problem I run into the App is the story, once it reaches a certain part it reaches bosses that are sometimes extremely unfair and borderline impossible at times, there is a Multiplayer function that allows you and 3 other players to take on an event or boss, there are lag issues and sometimes I was randomly disconnected from the game, It does have its bugs, the game is far from perfect. Some even fake breaking if you can’t believe it. The interface can glitch out and give you weird looks like this.

I can’t say for certain the multiplayer is the best I’ve played, but it’s nowhere near absolute garbage, I’ve had quick, fun and responsive servers with people, and it’s always a blast when it works.

The game overall is fantastic, well done and well created, I am hoping for more quests, items, events and of course free crystals in the future. I can say for certain as a person who does play this game, it’s a great game to lose yourself in! It’s also completely free on IOS and Android! So go pick it up and try it out for yourself!