Resident Evil 3 Remake Spotted on Playstation Store

STARS! We’re about to hear a lot of that again as after the excellent remake of Resident Evil 2, fan speculation and hype was all abuzz for the possibility for a remake of Resident Evil 3 as well.

On the Playstation Store, Resident Evil 3 has been found showing us the cover of the game. Jill Valentine and who we can assume to be Carlos Oliveira are front and center being shadowed by the big man himself, NEMSIS!

All have slight redesigns.

Jill appears to be no longer sporting her tube top in favor of a tank top, as well as wearing gloves and an elbow pad.

Carlos went from being a Military Style pretty boy to being more scruffy looking.

The most glaring of changes to me, however, are actually to the Titular Nemesis. Whom appears to have a nose this time around…probably so he can smell your fear as he hunts you down relentlessly.

That’s what you get for leaving Alpha Team at the Mansion, Brad.

Who knows when we’ll be getting a better look at the game and it’s characters but if Capcom gave it the same polished treatment that they did for Resident Evil 2 then we can definitely expect this game to be just as terrifying.

No release date has been confirmed but we can assume that it will be available sometime in 2020 unless Capcom somehow pulls a Scott Cawthon and releases the entire game in a week.

As this story develops we’ll keep you up to date.