PlayStation JP Accused of Stealing Art in Promo

Today on twitter Voice Actor, writer and creator Ian Jones-Quartey, who is known for his creation of OK Ko! Let’s Be Heroes! and his Fantastic work on Steven Universe. Created a bold claim that PlayStation_Jp took Animation from a Japanese Animator who goes by the twitter name Progoshi.

This Seemingly Has not been the only instance of this happening, in the same animation they’ve allegedly stolen an anime from a person on twitter who goes by bbwb anim. He shows an animation that is eerily similar to the one in PlayStation_JP’s Video.

But it doesn’t even end there, they also took a short clip from the popular anime FLCL, Fooly Cooly, As well. Sony has yet to Respond to any allegations and has kept quiet some far. We can only expect what they have to say or will not say in the coming days and or weeks. The links to the tweets will be here

Link to Ian’s Tweet here

Link to bbwb and their tweet

Link to the FLCL Tweet