It will never be enough: Pewdiepie’s home broken into, Twitter bullies cheer.

It doesn’t matter how many times you try to make it right, you’ll always be scum.

As always, I have to remind everyone to not harass or contact anyone seen in this article. Moving on though all I can say is that this is all so tiresome. I have to be upfront, I’m not a Pewdiepie fan. I’ve never subscribed to him, and all I really do is follow him on Twitter as a way to fill my feed. But some of these people cheering on this robbery of Pewdiepie’s house are the most vindictive, edgy, and cringe-inducing douchebags I’ve seen in at least a week (It IS Twitter to be fair).

To catch you up to speed, Pewdiepie and his wife announced that their home was broken into and 90% of their valuables were stolen. Which frankly sucks and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, even people I dislike. Having your home broken into is a very unsettling thing to have happen, it feels like your special space has been invaded and it leaves you with a feeling of unease wondering “what if they came back?” But do you know what the responses were to this news? Vitriol and toxicity from totally well adjusted and not at all irrationally angry and grudge-prone people.

Okay look, I’m not defending Pewdiepie over his use of the N-word on stream, it was an incredibly stupid thing to do and he deserved ridicule for being that brain-dead about what he was saying. Know why I don’t care now? Because he apologized, profusely. He made a dedicated video and he apologized for saying what he said. Was his reasoning great? Not really, heated gamer moment is still really stupid and funny to laugh at, but he at least had the balls to apologize instead of doubling down. Too bad he didn’t realize that to these people, apologizing doesn’t mean anything.

No matter how many times you apologize for it, it’s never enough. You will always have these annoying parasites on Twitter, circling you like a shark and cheering for your life to be in shambles because you made a mistake. Oh but, that is if you’re not under their umbrella of course. Because as we saw earlier this year when Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was pictured wearing blackface, sorry, “brownface” people defended him and let the heat die down unchallenged excluding a vocal minority. But the N-word comment aside, there’s a second half of people cheering for Pewdiepie’s home invasion. The “Eat the Rich” part of Twitter.

Man, I didn’t know that being successful at something and making big money means you no longer deserve kindness from strangers. I honestly wonder if “Eat the Rich” is able to use critical thinking at all daily. apparently someone who made money playing video games for 8 years is the same thing as say, a billionaire who lets his employees work themselves until they nearly die in a packaging warehouse or a billionaire who had a pedophile island with underage sex slaves. Just because someone is rich, that doesn’t mean they are a bad person.

Oh and by the way there was also K-Pop twitter being K-Pop Twitter. But I’m not posting images, because I hate them and hope they all get abducted by aliens and taken to the far end of the known universe.

Now I brought this all up not because I wanted you to be sad for Pewdiepie, you can if you want but that’s not my intent. My intent is to show everyone I can how utterly disgusting some people can be to someone for the most shallow reasons. Pewdiepie is just the biggest example, but this kind of thing happens to tons of others online who are much smaller and don’t have a platform like Pewdiepie that can help deal with it. Social media becomes more of a toxic pit every day, and people keep escalating how cruel they are when interacting with those they don’t like. So the next time you’re about to dunk on someone who’s at a really big low point, think it over whether it’s worth it to be hateful to them. You don’t have to be nice, but just don’t be like these jerks.