Terraria proves The PewDiePie Effect is still alive in 2019 

Block builders continue their success

It’s been a good year for people who love Minecraft, with the rise of SMPLive and now SMPEarth on Twitch, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg’s massively successful Youtube series, and the tournaments Minecraft Mondays and now Minecraft Sundays mixing household names with smaller content creators.

Terraria may have a similar year in 2020, as mainstays for SMPLive and Youtube group The Misfits have collaborated in their own server, and PewDiePie has started a new series in the game. A tournament may be on the horizon if the pattern continues.

Unlike the explosive growth SMPLive had for Minecraft, their stream didn’t seem to tip the needle in terms of players according to steamdb. PewDiePie’s series is a completely different story.

SteamDB’s stats have shown a growth in players that hasn’t been seen since 2016 for the block builder. The growth coincides with the starting and continuation of PewDiePie’s series. 

Incredibly, this is the first time that terraria has broken the 40,000 player mark since August, 2016. 

Terraria will also be having their fourth and final update some time in 2020, titled Journey’s End. Lead developer Redigit also announced Terraria 2 previously, no release date has been announced, only that it would be released sometime after the now canceled Terraria: Otherworld.