Psychological Horror anime UZUMAKI: Appearing on Toonami in 2020

If you love Horror Anime, this Anime Debut is for you!

UZUMAKI is a Fairly unknown Dark Horror Manga That was created by artist Junji Ito, the manga had a popular fanbase in Japan, but it didn’t do as popular in the west as many would have wanted. The story revolves around citizens in a fictional city of Kurōzu-Cho, which is in a sort of Plague of spirals. The true beauty of the story is it’s uncomfortable style and utterly uncomfortable looks toward the manga itself.

The manga was popular enough to get two spinoff games on the WonderSwan, a handheld mobile device that was in Japan around the 1990’s. The games were UZKUMAKI: Denshi Kaiki Hen And UZUMAKI: Noroi Simulation. The Anime had a large American fanbase in other countries after the manga was produced in Viz Media in the west and distributed by them.

And now it’s getting an anime Adaptation in 2020. It’s going to debut on an American Tv, specifically Cartoon Networks Late Saturday Night, Toonami. This is a big discussion for The West, it’s not often an anime debuts on American television before japan. It will be produced in black and white, much like the Game Neverending Nightmares. The anime will most likely be produced by Viz Media as well, this Horror anime will Debut and will most likely make a big impact on Toonami’s ratings.