Link Entering Into the Super Mario Maker 2 World With Next Update!

Hyrule’s hero is coming to Super Mario Maker 2! The side scrolling platform game for the Nintendo Switch will be getting a big update on December 5th. In this update will be the famous hero himself, Link from the Legend of Zelda series. A tweet from Nintendo of America gives us the first peek at the new addition. 

Along with the classic Hylian hero the update promises new course parts and a new gameplay mode. Once the update is downloaded a new item will be available, the Master Sword. This little two bit item once grabbed in game will turn Mario into Link and give you a whole new set of attacks. Such as, attacking with your sword, dropping bombs, and shooting arrows. His sword will be able to defeat the usually impenetrable defenses of some enemies and his bombs can pave the way to new areas. 

The new update also adds a whole new set of design possibilities for creators in the game. Such as the dash block, which gives a burst of speed when stepped on, the frozen coin, which can only be collected after it’s unfrozen by fireballs, the spike, an enemy who coughs out spike balls at your character, Pokey, a classic stacked cactus enemy whose height can actually be edited by players, and many more. 

It’ll also include a speedrun mode for games that allows you to compete with other players worldwide to get the top speed. While you do your speedruns little “Ninji Ghosts” appear alongside you so you can compare your speed to other players as you’re going along. There will be actual events that players can compete in that will run for about a week. 

This update promises to bring exciting new gameplay to fans of Super Mario Maker 2 and Legend of Zelda alike.