Season 2 of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Postponed.

Miss Kobatashi’s Dragon Maids second season was meant to Debut in late 2019. But due to a horrid accident in Japan, the chances of that happening are minuscule at least.

Kyoto Animation Studios suffered an Arson Attack this year, Killing 36 employees and Injuring 33. Kyoto Animation is known for Anime such as K-On!, Clannad, Sound Emphorium. And many Movies and Anime, Including Dragon Maid. The anime was meant to have a second season due to its major popularity in Japan and the West, and was expected to continue to a second season, but that is now in question. The anime could be delayed until perhaps the end of 2020 or early to mid 2021.

Due to this Harrowing event, the chances of Kyoto Producing any anime in the following years is largely in question at this time. We can only hope that those who survived the attack will be able to continue on with their lives. The suspect Shinji Aoba, a 41 year old man. His mental illness claim may lessen his prison sentence. Or take the Death Penalty off of the table.