Mako Mankanshoku Makes Her Debut in Update for Kill La Kill: IF

The arena action battle game based on the popular anime Kill la Kill developed by APlus Games and Publisher Arc System Works has released the 1.05 update. This update includes a free DLC. The big feature of this DLC? Mako Mankanshoku! The loveable and always entertaining character is ready to get into the arena. She’s sporting her two star goku uniform from the show and is ready to kick butt.

Mako’s character handles well. She’s not as light and bouncy as Nonon. But, her jumps have less weight to them than Ryuko or Satsuki’s. Her attacks are good. Her punches hit like a freight train. Very powerful. However, it’s recommended that you be careful with her ranged attacks. It’s super easy to completely overshoot your opponents if you aren’t careful. When it comes to speed she’s actually pretty slow. She’s probably the slowest character in the game outside of Gamagoori. Overall, Mako is a very welcome addition to the fun fighting game and I recommend you check her out!