Ekiholic Did Nothing Wrong

CORRECTION: Ekiholic didn’t tan herself for her Nessa cosplay as originally reported. She actually used foundation makeup to get her appearance. Also, she is Korean and not Japanese.

Well, here we are again. Another Nessa controversy. At this point it’d seem like a great idea to just scrap the character entirely just because of all the controversy that’s arisen from them. But, that probably won’t happen and the internet loves to get outraged at stupid stuff that doesn’t really matter. They blow it out of proportion and virtue signal until it dies down and they move onto the next outrage of the day.

So, what was the outrage today? A Japanese cosplayer who goes by “Ekiholic” made a twitter post. In this twitter post they were dressed up as Nessa from Pokemon Sword and Shield. Sounds boring and uncontroversial. Right? Well, to do this cosplay they used foundation makeup. Yeah, that’s it really. They used foundation makeup to dress up as Nessa. What about this has made people mad? Well, they liken the darkening of the cosplayer’s skin to the old minstrel shows of Jim Crow America and say that it is the equivalent to blackface. What will these geniuses think of next?

Forget how overblown this whole thing is, how is it that Nessa keeps coming up? We did an article not long ago on a provocative piece of art shared on twitter depicting her and the outrage it generated from woke twitter. Nessa just seems to be a magnet for people. So many sensitivities abound regarding the character. They’re so excited about having a “Black” character in a Pokemon game, despite the fact that Nessa wouldn’t be the first(cough. cough, Lenora, Iris), that they put her on a pedestal to the point where she is something you aren’t allowed to change or to even cosplay as if you’re the wrong race.

Overall, this is just the new outrage of the day and people should get over themselves and just let this girl cosplay. I doubt a Korean person knows the convoluted nature of Western race relations anyways so they probably have no idea what the loons in their comments are even saying. In the end, Ekiholic did nothing wrong and I see no reason to be so upset. It’s a good cosplay too!